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$600 absolute - fulltilt
  d.Apollo, Jan 27 2010

got $600 on absolute, would like on full tilt, leave msg/pm

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blogger tourney
  d.Apollo, Jan 09 2010

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 582966

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  d.Apollo, Jun 30 2009

Going to start off this blog with a big LOL because I woke up this morning with no clothes on, alone (LOL) and my phone not visable, it took me 10mins to find it, eventually I found it on the floor of the shower?? I woke up with a receipt of 211,000won = around $200 for beers and stuff :D:D I cant even tell you iam hungover, iam sure iam still drunk, so I guess this is the perfect time to blog about my month and korea.

I am pretty good at being a drunk recently, I have drank every day whilst in Korea (by the way I am in Seoul Korea staying with ToTMidiaN) lol here are some examples of me being super funny;

I went to Busan on the first weekend of being here, I decided to try and get it on with a 37 year old Math Teacher who kept telling me to call her "Nuna" which = no sex 4 u, then when she left I got depressed and took 2shots after already being completey smashed.

I like to turn the PC on and talk to websites LOL ;

I love to invite girls back to the apartment and get real dirty and then forget I didnt even have a condom ROFL. Also iam pretty horrible at "get the fuck out" moments in the morning but iam working on that.

Seriously I am sooooooooooooo bad, I lost my wallet, Ive lost my shoes, slept on the floor outside Jamies apartment because I forgot his passcode to his room, woke up naked multiple times with no reason off how I got home.....

Like I said, I am still drunk I guess so this blog has no plan, no fluidity, just typing stuff.

Korea has been awesome so far, I have been here for 3weeks now and have another 5weeks left, possibly more because I am thinking about staying longer because its so good here. I have been living in Gangnam with ToTMidiaN and been out drinking every night as mentioned, during the day all we do is play poker or starcraft and then later on we go to the gym and grab some food and then drink. I love the korean culture its pretty sick, I have talked about my korea experience here so check this link out, I also talk about esports being starcraft2;

I have been speaking to Rekrul recently and roflmao, this guy is hilarious, seriously when he gets back from Vegas LOL every father who has a daughter in Korea, lock them up. Should be good funs.

I have been going to the gym everyday with Jamie and well, lets say afterwards we walk around seoul like two insanely ripped ballers, gotta feel the burn!!

Lets go into my poker for the month since this is a poker site.

I started the month with a bankroll of around $300ish because I had a sexy downswing which destroyed my roll from $1200 down to a low of $200 and after reading 'elements of poker' and reading about the C game of players, I realized that I tilt spew and simply have a HORRIBLE C game therefore have been working on that crap pretty hard and I feel good about it. I spent the majority of time in 10nl rebuilding and now and back in 25nl looking for some 50nl shots soon.
Live poker has been pretty sick for me, first time I went to the casino I sat down a 1/2 with 200bb and came out of the game with 600bb, the next time I went I lost like 50bb and then last night I won 200bb again so Ive had a good month.


Online cash + $701
Live cash + $1000
Donkaments - $60

Month = +$1640

Here are some stats

Month graph


I am feeling pretty good apart from hungover but pretty good about poker, I should be rolled for and playing in 50nl again but I keep withdrawing for silly stuff like to buy a fan or so I can drink more beer. In July iam really going to work hard and put in like 2000 hands a day hopefully and get to limits I should be playing!

If any1 here is living in korea, holy shit come out and drink with us, if any1 is planning on visiting with the next 2months, come come come!!!

Can't really think about much else to say so going to end this now x

its my dick in a box!

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